As parents of young kids, the idea for Zoomzys was born after seeing typical party bags full of single use plastic end up in bins.... usually because the contents were uninspiring.

We set out to try to help cultivate a culture of durability, by re-imagining the traditional party bag , providing kids and parents alike with alternatives that are fun but most importantly, kind to our planet.


At Zoomzys we believe that birthday parties are about making memories and our pre-filled favour boxes are the perfect end to any party. The boxes make great keepsakes for storing all sorts of bits and pieces, keeping the magic of the party alive long after the event. They also make great activity boxes for kids at weddings and corporate events. We also stock an amazing range of eco-friendly favours that can be bought individually, so there is something for everyone whatever your budget.


What  makes us unique is that Zoomzys is the first of it's kind ....created for kids, by kids and when we say this, we really do mean this. Our pool of "little helpers" with their amazing imagination and creativity, play a crucial role in influencing everything from the characters, themes, and the positive affirmation messages on the boxes. Affirmations are a holistic way of building a positive mind and happier children, which is very much at the core of all we do at Zoomzys. 

As part of our commitment to protect the planet, we make every effort to reuse, recycle packaging where we can and only use corrugated card and paper to line and fill all our boxes. We also endeavour to source products from suppliers that share the same ethos. There is no planet B and good planets are hard to find, so lets do all we can to help protect it. Even the smallest of changes makes a huge difference.

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